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Laura Monson

9 reviews

6 months ago-

Very informative had a great experience I will be returning soon.

Mike Hunt

1 review

a month ago-

Best smoke shop in the Conroe/Greater Houston area. shop is small but has soo much inside. super clean, super friendly staff. Lowest prices you can find but also very unique and diverse products. Their glass selection is vast and inexpensive for such a small shop. i think they have the best cbd flower that i’ve ever seen and one of the former employees actually introduced me to cbg, so thank you, JP. if you’re looking for cheap but really well made glass or the cbd flower of your dreams, do yourself a favor and check this place out. they also have some dispensary level quality.

4.5 Rating- 144 Reviews

Sara Peacock

Local Guide · 37 reviews · 6 photos

4 months ago-

First time there and the fella manning the place was nice and knowledgeable about his product. Overall the place was clean, well lit and easy to locate. I recommend this place if you have questions about CBD products.

Bridgit Morgan

Local Guide · 38 reviews · 20 photos

8 months ago-

Great little shop. Lots to chose from and they explained everything so well about the use of CBD. I was so ignorant about it before they helped. I have not had to take a pain PILL for two weeks now. # meltingpotconroe #downwithbigpharm #cbdisnatural #freetheweed #legalizeit

Mr. Valdez

1 review

5 months ago-

Best CBD dispensary and coolest little smoke shop in town. Great service, great employees. A "must visit" for flower and topicals !!!

Kyle Robledo

2 reviews

a week ago-

Really awesome and informative staff. Products are always a1.

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