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High Plain Drifters Delta 8 Carts

High Plains Drifters is proud to partner up with Melting Pot to offer a premium line of Delta 8 Extracts for optimal support and relief. The feedback has been so positive and beyond anything we have carried before. The best way we like to explain the feeling after you take just 2 two second puffs , is your body instantly feels a relax uplifting feeling. There is no high levels of psychoactive effects so you don't have to worry about feeling really high or not being able to think straight. Users have reported clear-headed, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and non-sedative effects. In many ways, the effects of delta 8 are like the opposite of delta-9 THC (Marijuana). But everyone is different, so always err on the side of caution.

Here are some of the feed back from our regulars:

" Takes my anxiety right away"

"I feel high but I don't act high and can get things done around the house"

" Love the chilled relaxing feeling without really feeling stoned"

" I love my CBD but on days were I really want to relax and enjoy time with my husband D8 carts is my go too"

High Plains Drifters is determined to only offer the highest quality and cleanest Delta 8 Products, while using only USA Grown Hemp. Hemp is grown in Oregon in indoor facilities and test it several times during seeding, growing and dry stages.

The Delta 8 carts are all in a glass Cartridge with ceramic atomizer, We use no cutting agents (Glycols,mct,alcohol, or VG), and all products are pesticide and metal free.


100% Premium Hemp Derived Distillate, Botanical Terpenes, and Hemp Terpenes

Here are some of the flavors you may find at Melting Pot CBD Smoke & Vape.

Durban Poison

SkyWalker OG

OG Kush

Pineapple Express

Gorilla Glue

Sunset Sherbet


Carts are available in .5 Grams or Full gram, would you like to try them? Swing on by during regular business hours, you will be mad it took you so long to come in.

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