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About Us

     Melting Pot is a locally own and operated. Melting Pot strives for excellence. Inspired by you, our goal is to provide a space where all individuals can feel at ease and connect with one another. Our customers are truly our number one priority, With education and by taking each customers request into though we provide the best feedback to assist them.


Rey Aguilar has lived in Conroe for 19 Years and graduated from Conroe High School. He runs and manages the store with his wife Ximena Aguilar and the support of their 2 children.

Melting Pot started due to CBD becoming available in all 50 states. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in December of 2018 Melting Pot open its doors January 2019. What started as a business venter quickly turned into hub for many customers looking to learn more about CBD and how it may help them. 

We had 3 main goals, provide top of the line customer service, carry top tier CBD products, and to educate our customers on CBD first, worry about a sale 2nd. We feel that has truly been the root to our success. Over the time Melting Pot started to branch out and open CBD stores only but soon discovered that our goals weren't the same and partnerships weren't going to get us to where we wanted to go while we followed our three goals.

2020 came and we are beyond grateful for all the support that the City Of Conroe gave us. We were able to stay open while we split from the other stores. We gave where we could and stood next to our customers during the hard times. Many CBD stores started to close and have hardships but with our goals in mind we are still here. 

2021- We moved locations, and we have counited to teach and educate each and every month. We plan to continue to educate one customer at a time and share our love for CBD to the surrounding areas. Our focus counties to be the same, Top of the line customer services, carry trusted brands and continue to educate our customers.

2022- With our core values still leading the way, we have grown our customers base by 1.5 times before. Many customers understand CBD, Delta 8 and other hemp products and how to use them to help them. We are now also Located in Montgomery Tx (Birthplace of the Texas flag) and we plan to bring the same core values there. We will change the stigma one customer at a time.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for trusting us and sharing their experiences with CBD with us so we can pass them on to others.

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